sadza kwamereki.jpgOne of Harare’s most popular drive-in joints, KwaMereki in Warren Park D, which was shut down a week ago in a bid to control the outbreak of typhoid in the capital, has been reopened with a facelift and ablution facilities.

Though not yet officially opened by the relevant authorities, revellers could be seen drinking while the likes of vana Mai George, Mai Gonyeti and the rest of the crew were happy to be back in business at the refurbished joint.

Those who spoke to ZBC News said they were quite happy with the newlook.

The braaing area has been refurbished and running water has been connected to the area, while ablution facilities have also been built at the popular joint.

More than 800 cases of typhoid have been reported in Harare so far with more than eighty people having been hospitalised.