A 55 year-old Kuwadzana Extension woman has, with minimal resources, touched the lives of orphans and vulnerable people through an organisation founded nine years ago.

A bird’s eye view would paint a picture of a mere shed possibly used as a storeroom in Kuwadzana Extension.

Further scrutiny however leads to the realisation that what appears to be a worthless shed is a centre dedicated to assist the needy such as orphans, the elderly and other vulnerable groups.

Getrude Mapara, a family and physical therapist and founder of Succeed Integrated People’s Organisation said a burning desire to help the vulnerable groups in society has been the driving force of a grouping that has transformed the lives of many in Kuwadzana Extension.

One of the members of the organisation, Clara Gombiro said the grouping has brought relief to many.

Basic home based care skills training, counselling and taking care of orphans, the elderly and people living with disabilities have been some of the initiatives of an organisation that seeks to touch the lives of those in need.