Kupinga Mini Hydro Power Station

Kupinga Power Station which is one of the many critical infrastructure damaged by Cyclone Idai in Chimanimani is now slowly getting back on its feet as government intensifies its infrastructure rehabilitation process in the Eastern Highlands.

The power station is now in its second month without operating as critical pipes that supply the facility with water were washed away by the devastating cyclone.

Plant manager Mr Michael Caine told the ZBC News that works are now in progress to the have the facility up in the shortest possible time.

“About 80 metres of our water pipes were completely destroyed and should be replaced. Right now we are still cleaning our tanks and removing logs and mud that were inside our collecting channels but expectations are that we will be back in business soon. The generators and turbines are okay and no fault was recorded. We were luckily saved by these containers that diverted the floods sideways and that avoided a direct impact,” he said.

Meanwhile, Rusitu Power Station, the other commissioned power generation plant in Chimanimani, was completely destroyed by the floods and a new site has to be identified if reconstruction is to be made.