knowledge kunenyati and wife.pngThe story of former Kasongo Band front man, Knowledge Kunenyati, dumping the glamour of showbiz to choose the pulpit, remains a mystery to many.

Being part of a star-studded band featuring the likes of Ketai Muchawaya, Marko Sibanda and Jackey Ncube, no one ever thought that Kunenyati would ever quit sungura for the pulpit.

Kunenyati’s Kasongo Band dominated the airwaves in the 1980s with such hits as Fundo Inokosha, Asante Sana, Pamabasa and Kuguta Kushanda, among others.

Now with all other band members dead, the only man standing is 53-year old Kunenyati.

However, with many music lovers hoping that the Sungura maestro would carry the band on his shoulders, Kunenyati unexpectedly met his repentance, reminiscent of the Biblical Saul to Paul transformation as the former artist suddenly chose another life in Christ.

But what inspired him to dump his popularity for the pulpit?kasongo band.jpg

“I repented during my last show in Muzarabani in 1999. God made this possible considering that what we used to do during our shows was so terrible,” said Kunenyati.

For a man who became so popular especially with the hit song ‘Handishaye na Rutsoka,’ Kunenyati, who believes he could have been dead now had he not repented, has a word of advice to the current crop of musicians.

“All artists should realise that there is God up there, so they should also serve Him through their music. Many musicians die at a young age because of drug abuse and being promiscuous. So there need for artists to fear the Lord and serve him through their music,” added Kunenyati.

Kunenyati is now singing gospel music. His transformation has also brought joy to his wife who says while she used to hear her husband’s music on radio, now she has become a part of it. 

“The life of my husband before he repented was never pleasant to the family. God is great, now we sing and go to church together. He is a real minister now,” Mrs Kunenyati said.

Knowledge Kunenyati is now an elder in the ZAOGA Church and is now a proud holder of a Diploma from AMFIC Bible School.

He is now using his passion of singing to preach the gospel through music.

In 2011, he released a gospel album entitled ‘Kutendeuka Nekudzikinurwa.’