kuimbashiri.jpgStakeholders in the environment and tourism sectors have condemned the recent invasions at Kuimbashiri Bird Sanctuary Farm which they say has become a threat to the more than 100 types of birds being kept at the farm.

The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority and the Parks and Wildlife Management Authority have denounced the recent invasions at Kuimbashiri Bird Sanctuary by some youths.

ZTA Chief Executive√ā¬†Karikoga Kaseke said such incidences should be avoided as tourism is the biggest victim of any unrest adding that government has since last year ruled that such invasions are not acceptable. He urged Zimbabweans to act responsibly by building the economy not destroying it.

Parks and Wildlife Management Director General, Mr. Vitalis Chadenga said such invasions in conservancies such as Kuimbashiri send wrong and mixed signals to the international community and said they should be stopped.

Owner and Director of Kuimbashiri Bird Sanctuary, Mr. Gary Stafford said that a group of 21 youths forcefully got into his property without a booking or having paid entrance fees.

He however challenged authorities to take action whenever such incidents are reported saying they bring uncertainty in business and affect the inflow of tourists whom he said have started trickling in.

A number of foreign tourists, school children and other groups of people visit the bird sanctuary on sight- seeing visits or on educational tours.

More than ten years ago government embarked on the wildlife based land reform policy to which a number of indigenous Zimbabweans have benefited and more are still benefiting.