kp chair mr mathieu yamba.jpgKimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) Chairperson, Mr Mathieu Yamba has expressed disappointment at the civil society’s decision to boycott the forthcoming plenary scheduled for Kinshasa, DRC and assured the other participants that the meeting will proceed even without the human rights groups.

With the KPCS still trying to come to terms with the decision by the civic society to withdraw from the scheme, the global diamond watchdog body’s chairperson has responded to the decision which he described as unfortunate and disappointing.

In a letter circulated to the KP participants, Mr Yamba said while he respects the decision by the civil society, the KP Chair with the assistance of the other committed participants will remain focused to fulfilling the mission of which the KP was created for.

Part of the letter reads, “I am convinced that the empty chair policy has never been an efficient way to contribute to meeting important challenges like the ones that the KP is facing today.”

Observers have described the decision to boycott the meeting by the civil society coalition as a ploy to bring confusion and cripple the Zimbabwean economy, which is set to register significant growth through the trade of the precious stones which are currently in high demand on the international market.

Zimbabwe has one of the largest diamond reserves in the world with the potential to generate an estimated US$2 billion annually.

Apart from diamonds, the country is home to the second largest platinum reserves in the world.

Western countries and the civil society coalition have in the past raised unfounded human rights abuses allegations in Marange, claims which the world now know to be unsubstantiated and plain lies.