obert mpofu 01-11-10.jpgZimbabwe will remain a force to reckon with within the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme given the fact that Marange is set to account for at least 25% of the global diamond supply, says Mines and Mining Development Minister, Dr Obert Mpofu.


Responding to the Cable News Network (CNN) anchor, Robyn Curnow’s questions on Marange, Dr. Obert Mpofu highlighted the fact that the country which is a founding member of the Kimberley Process will remain a major player in the global diamond industry.


“There cannot be KP without Zimbabwe. Just a few years ago when we began our sales we were ranked 8th by KP just after one sale by one company. Now that we have four companies in the area we are certainly bound to move up the ranking,” said Dr Mpofu.

He told the Market Place Africa Presenter that despite sanctions on diamond mining firms, demand of the precious stone remains favourable, adding that the country will deal with friendly countries on a win to win basis.

Asked whether Marange diamond fields represent the biggest diamond discovery in history, Dr. Mpofu noted that while exploration is still ongoing to quantify the extent of mineral wealth in the area, the country is currently projected to account for 25% of the global supply of the precious stones.