Morgen Komichi

Ruling on the trial of Morgen Komichi who is facing charges of disrupting the announcement of the 2018 elections results will be handed down on the 21st of this month after the state wrapped up its case.

This comes after the key witness in the matter and Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Acting Chief Elections Officer, Mr Utoile Silaigwana indicated he had not personally seen Komichi disrupting the announcement, but was only informed by a witness over the phone.

Chief Law Officer Michael Reza examined Mr Silaigwana on his duties and responsibilities and on the events of the 2nd of August 2018 at the National Elections Command Centre that was stationed at the Harare International Conference Centre.

Mr Silaigwana indicated that he was informed of the disruption of announcement of results by the accused person through a third party over a telephone call, but he was in a different room at the premises where the alleged offence took place.

Defence counsel Obey Shava, during cross examination, confirmed from the chief state witness Mr Silaigwana that the entire trial was prompted by his report to the police though he had not personally witnessed the accused committing the alleged offence.

After the brief last submissions from both the state and the defence, the court postponed the matter for its ruling to be delivered on the 21st of January.

However, Shava indicated that he will file an application for discharge at the close of the state case as the state had failed to establish its case against the accused.

Harare Magistrate Ruramai Chitumbura took note of the application to be filed while Chief Law Officer Michael Reza will file his response on the 18th of January.

Komichi is charged for having contravened Section 186 of the Electoral Act by having interrupted, obstructed and disturbed the announcement of elections results at the HICC National Elections Command Centre by shouting that the announced results were fake and the MDC Alliance rejected the results.