Zimbabwe’s educational institutions have churned out thousands of graduates in various fields whose expertise has helped shape the growth trajectory of the country as well as contributing to the economies of other countries.

Local authorities say it is only wise to look to the country’s educational institutions in order to solve the numerous challenges they face.

An ineffective transport system, high demands for housing, uncollected garbage up as well as vendors operating at undesignated places are some of the problems affecting local authorities.

The recently held Local Government Investment Conference (LOGIC) provided the chance to interface and there was consensus that there is need to look for solutions from the country’s educational institutions to deal with challenges being faced by local authorities.

There was also agreement that local authorities must create synergies, package what they offer attractively and aggressively seek investment to ensure the lives of residents are transformed.

The recently held event, running under the theme, “Local Government, Promoting Investment and Industrialisation for Social Economic Development” saw experts from all over the globe converging in the capital as they discussed how the sector can be turned around.