The government says it is prioritising the allocation of foreign currency to King Mine in Mashava to enable them to purchase dewatering equipment which will pave way for the reopening of the mine.

Recently the management of King Mine announced their intention to pour in $20 million towards the reopening of the mine.

The management however sent out an SOS, highlighting that despite their plans to reopen the mine they are struggling to acquire foreign currency to purchase dewatering pumps.

The Minister of Mines and Mining Development Mr Winston Chitando revealed that the mine will be allocated the foreign currency in the next two weeks.

“Plans are quite advanced, they will be allocated in the next two or so weeks. The ministry has consulted with the RBZ and we are told that the support is imminent which will enable them to import the equipment so that they finish dewatering by December, so it’s all under control,” he said.

Expectations are that, once the machines are availed, the dewatering exercise will be completed by December and allow for mining operations to begin.

Thousands who were rendered jobless following the mine’s closure and are expected to be retained once the company reopens.