Cancer is a leading cause of death for children and adolescents around the world with more and more children being diagnosed with the disease.

13 year old Tanaka was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Cancer, marking the beginning of another journey for her as she started her chemotherapy sessions and now 6 months later, she is recovering and is back in class. 

Tanaka’s cancer was presented late, which resulted in her losing her right eyesight on a situation which a local organisation, Kidzcan has moved in to rectify.

“We are pushing for the incorporation of cancer screening in children’s immunisation programme. We have so far trained nurses in local clinics,” Kidzcan Director, Daniel MacKenzie said.

Kidzcan has also partnered with USA based St Judes Children’s Cancer Research Hospital as they continue with their fight against cancer.

St Jude’s Chief Surgeon, Dr Abdul Hafeez said he is impressed with the strides being made by Kidzcan and the government of Zimbabwe in the fight against cancer.

On the 15th of February, Zimbabwe joined other countries in commemorating the World Childhood Cancer Day, which saw many corporates coming on board and making donations.