Artists from Bulawayo are slowly coming out of their comfort zone and venturing into rarely explored avenues of music.

Such is the case for 22-year-old opera singer, Khaliphile Sibanda.

Even the sky is not the limit for Khaliphile, who is known in theatre circles as Khally S.

Not only is she an opera singer, but she also ventured into theatre productions and is a choir conductor.

The songstress says she began her musical career at a tender age and finally got her big break through in 2004 when she began singing in public.

Asked what inspired her musical genre choice, the song bird was quick to reveal that award winning UK opera singer, Sarah Brightman is her role model.

The young songstress, producer and choir conductor has made notable achievements in her musical career such as taking part in the Joseph play, which was recently recognised during the inaugural Bulawayo arts awards.