zesa logo.jpgAdvisor to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor, Dr Munyaradzi Kereke has filed an urgent chamber High Court application contesting ZESA’s decision to disconnect electricity at his farm.

In his application filed by his lawyer, Mr Cathiew Manyani, Dr Kereke is arguing that ZESA unlawfully disconnected electricity supplies at his farm, adding that ZESA failed to justify the amount it is claiming.

Mr Manyani is arguing that the move by ZESA has affected Kereke’s farming activities since all his operations depend on power supply, adding that he is likely to lose US$472 500 if the electricity is not connected.

However, ZESA has filed an opposing affidavit signed by the utility’s company secretary, Ms Judith Tsamba, who said the applicant was making erratic payments of bills.

Ms Tsamba added that they will furnish the court with detailed accounts.

According to court papers, Dr Kereke owes ZESA about US$33 350, an amount which he disputes.

However, ZESA says the applicant only paid US$5 920 since 2009.