The Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area (KAZA TFCA) secretariat says it is engaging regional and international partners towards the mobilisation of the US$92 million required for the implementation of the integrated development plan aimed at strengthening trans-boundary conservation initiatives.

Limited resources remain the biggest threat to regional efforts in establishing world-class conversation area.

12 months after the adoption of the KAZA TCFA integrated development plan, the secretariat is still to secure the required US$92 million for the implementation of the project.

KAZA TFCA executive director, Dr Morris Mtsambiwa said the secretariat is currently in talks with regional and international partners who have hinted their willingness to bankroll the initiative.

The overall objective of the integrated development plan is to foster trans-boundary cooperation in natural resource management, tourism development, integrated land use planning and livelihoods enhancement.

Covering nearly 520 000 km, the KAZA TFCA is the largest transfrontier conservation area in the world.

The area comprises 20 national parks, 85 forest reserves, 22 conservancies, 11 sanctuaries, 103 wildlife management areas and 11 game management areas.