The business community has raised concern at plans by the Environmental Management Agency (EMA), to phase out the use of kaylite material which is said to be environmentally unfriendly as it is non bio-degradable.

A local retailer, Mr. Denford Mutashu noted that though companies have to start producing products that are environmentally friendly, the ban of such plastics should be implemented with alternative products in place so that it does not become costly to consumers.

Harare residents said the ban of thin plastics recently has seen a number of supermarkets selling plastic bags which used to be given for free, adding that a ban on kaylites will likely result in the cost of food going up.

However, EMA Education and Publicity Officer, Mr. Steady Kangata, said his organisation will engage fast food outlet to start looking for alternative packaging that is environmentally friendly.

He said there is no need for industry and the public to panic as the issue is still at  the planning stage while the statutory instrument is still being drafted after which it will go to parliament for debate.

Environmentalists believe the enforcement of the statutory instrument that bans the use of thin plastics and kaylites will see an improvement and reduction of plastic papers in the environment, which reduces ozone depleting substances.