court.jpgZIFA board member finance, who is also ZBC General Manager Finance, Retired Brigadier General Elliot Kasu who was facing charges of threatening sports journalist, Robson Sharuko, has been acquitted by a Harare magistrate after a full trial.

In her summary judgement, Harare magistrate Ms Memory Chigwaza acquitted Retired Brigadier General Kasu after indicating that evidence given by the State witnesses was fabricated saying the evidence before the courts also proved that the State witnesses had connived to nail the accused.

Ms Chigwaza also noted that the State witnesses could have fabricated the allegations in trying to scuttle Kasu from investigating the Asia-gate scandal in which she said some of the participants in the matter are alleged to be involved.

Defence lawyer, Mr. Nathaniel Chigoro confirmed that his client is now a free man after the magistrate’s ruling.