hoddesdon-outdoor-gokarting-karts-25.jpgDonnybrooke was this weekend abuzz with karting activity as numerous competitors vied for honours in the cadet, junior and senior class categories.

With several drivers lining up at the starting point in the cadets category, Straun Nel cruised to the finish line in a race that lasted 10 laps.

Nel, who is among the brightest prospects in the 6-12 year olds category on the motor racing scene was delighted to have come out tops and shared his dream of one day becoming a formula 1 driver.

The St Johns’ Primary School kid came first ahead of Keegan Davie and Zack Dufty.

The Junior Rotax was another exciting category which saw boys aged from 12 to 16 taking part. Despite the stiff competition, Ale Savo’s strong performance was enough to claim pole position.

An ecstatic Savo was thrilled to have shrugged aside the challenge of his competitors.

Savo came first ahead of Cole Onorati and Peter Fluck.

Kart racing is whereby several competitors race on scaled-down circuits.

Karts are small four-wheeled vehicles with speeds that depend on the class category one participates in.

Cadets use 60 cc comer 2 stroke engines with a clutch and various different chasis.

The junior rotax class features full size karts fitted with 125cc rotax 2 stroke water cooled engines that are more advanced than the cadet comer engines, with the senior class using a similiar kart chasis as the junior class.