A Karoi-based group of 14 enterprising members is making money out of reclaiming metal trash which they sell in Harare where it is turned into deformed iron bars.

Operating under the name; Chima Project, the metal waste management group is composed of 14 members and has been in the business of collecting scrap metal for 24 years.

Under normal circumstances, the firm sells in excess of 90 tonnes of compressed metal per month, and before ferrying the junk metal, it is first graded into clusters comprising of  cast iron, steel, aluminium and copper.

At the market in Harare, the compressed metal is turned into deformed bars.

Chima Project has however over the past few months been hamstrung by the unavailability of a hydraulic compressing machine that reduces the scrap metal into smaller, compressed boxes that are easy to carry to Harare.

The one they have been using was reclaimed by its owner who happens to be one of the buyers of their scrap metal following a misunderstanding.

Chima Project is also being let down by lack of an appropriate truck to ferry their product to Harare and have to fork out US$500 in transport fees per trip for the delivery of the metal.