bazil nyabadza 25.03.11.jpgBusiness people operating in the Harare Metropolitan area say the death of Cde David Karimanzira is a great loss to the business community as he was a humble and progressive pro-business Governor.

The business community in the province has described Cde Karimanzira as a unique and patient character who worked well with those in industry and commerce.

Central African Building and Construction Company (CBCO) Chairman Danny Musukuma described the late Cde Karimanzira as a unifier who associated with all people irrespective of political or social differences.

“He was the man who advocated for swift and coherent running of business, indeed a lovely man who wanted to see social and economic development,” said Musukuma.

Businessman and Zanu PF National Consultative Assembly member, Mr. Basil Nyabadza said the late Governor was a trustworthy and hardworking man who worked under a lot of pressure in a bid to ensure that ZANU PF moved towards financial self sufficiency.

“He was very anxious to see that the party graduates from relying on donations and subscriptions such that he interacted with us in industry and commerce to see how can we broaden revenues of our party,” Mr. Nyabadza said.

Cde Karimanzira will also be remembered by the business people for calling for the removal of illegal sanctions which have negatively affected the local economy.

As Harare Governor and Resident Minister, he oversaw the construction of houses under Operation Garikai/Hlalani Kuhle.