karate tourney2110.jpgIt was a cross pollination of styles as the country’s black and brown belt karatekas met for a first ever exchange of skills meant to act as the base for a revival platform for all karate styles.

After recommendations agreed upon at an emergency general meeting, top karatekas from the brown to black belt holders converged at Prince Edward School in Harare to try and shape the way forward for a revival of all karate styles in the country.

Guest trainers from the various karate forms who included Kyokushin World Champion, Samson; 6th Dan Shehan, Freddy Shavi and many others spared their time to come and exchange the various techniques within the different styles.

Zimbabwe Karate Union President Simba Chikutu hailed the turnout by the karate trainers, pledging his association’s commitment to keeping a strong tracking system on progress within the provinces.

After the session, the union took the opportunity to officially present medals to winners of the locally held Japanese Cup, and the two regional competitions- the Ashihara Cup and Lans Barnes Cup which were held in South Africa.

Zimbabwe won 3 gold medals at the Ashihara Karate Championships, courtesy of Kelly Mutisi, Tendai Chaparadza and Austin Mucheni.

Farai Gosha won silver while Lovemore Nyakutswa, Robison Mucheni and Malvern Muyambo took bronze in the Lan Barnes championships.