karate tourney2110.jpg4th Dan black belt karate holder, Shihan Jairos Manjoro has left for an elite training and grading camp in India that will advance his capacities on the latest techniques in the Bino-Ryu Karate form.



The 4th Dan Bino-Ryu chief branch instructor for Zimbabwe, Manjoro, left to join fellow representatives from other countries for the camp that will run until the 10th of April.


Manjoro, who is also Chief Instructor for Africa, hopes to come back as a 5th Dan holder.


He says his expectations going into the camp are to come back with capacities that can enable him to efficiently instruct the style on the continental level.


The camp will upgrade the instructors on the latest techniques and tactics of the martial art form.


Founder and president of Bino Ryu Karate International Grand Master, Srinivasan of India, will conduct the camp.


Bino Ryu is a form of full and semi-contact karate which originated from India.