kangaroo-care.jpgA senior nursing officer at Harare Central Hospital, Sister Dade Pedzisayi says plans are underway to introduce the kangaroo care method for premature babies in various hospitals across the country.

Speaking to ZBC News, Sister Pedzisai said this comes after the realisation that the method has helped reduce the number of premature babies who die due to incubator induced complications.


She also said Harare Central Hospital is training nursing staff from other institutions on how to implement the method.

The kangaroo method is a concept where the mother of a premature baby straps the child on her body and instead of being placed in an incubator.


After the premature baby has reached the acceptable weight; the infant is placed close to her mother for skin to skin contact.

This method was first implemented in the 1990’s at Harare and Mpilo Hospitals and has proved to be safe, effective and affordable.