Daggers have been drawn between the Development Trust of Zimbabwe (DTZ) and the Kadoma Show Society over what the trust views as mismanagement of infrastructure at the agricultural exhibition venue.

DTZ Board Member, Mr Francis Kondanani accused the show society led by Mr Tobias Chodeva of running down infrastructure at the show park where some of it in evidently in a state of dilapidation.

He said the level of neglect is counterproductive given the significant contribution of agriculture to the gross domestic product (GDP).

Look at these destroyed cattle pens and pig sties, the collapsing buildings and the unkept environment. We can’t allow this situation to continue unchallenged. If the show society executive has failed it must stand down,” said Mr Kondani.

Mr Chodeva who is based in Kwekwe, said it is usually the responsibility of exhibitors to spruce up their individual stands, while the society engages the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Service (ZPCS) to keep the general area maintained.

He also said it is the society’s hope to establish a mall near the showgrounds so that funds raised from the facility can be used to take care of infrastructure at the showgrounds.

During the show period companies come to spruce up and prepare their buildings as they prepare for show. That’s the main way of maintaining the area. During the off show period we have also invited companies to come and take up buildings on a permanent basis so that they can renovate those buildings. But we got responses from NSSA and Kadoma hotel and Kadoma Council only, so they are the only organisations maintaining buildings. What we have then decided to do is to come up with the idea of using our space to build a shopping mall on a build operate transfer (BOT) basis. In terms of cattle pens and pig sties, we don’t take care of the livestock. They only come up during the show. ZPCS also come to clear the grounds and the livestock section,” said Mr Chodeva.

A general look at the surroundings within the showground premises however paints a different picture from the one Mr Chodeva painstakingly tried to paint.

Meanwhile, Sanyati District Development Coordinator Mr Amigo Mhlanga was last week interdicted from attending a scheduled crunch meeting between the DTZ and the Kadoma Show Society and other stakeholders.

DTZ has since approached the courts to challenge the interdict.