The Eiffel Flats community in Kadoma and some business entities in the area are mulling a class action against gold mining firm, RioZim over property,  human safety and health concerns posed by open cast mining being carried out by the company.

The residents and other stake holders are questioning the suitability of open cast mining operations in a built up area where blasting from the activities is said to be causing vibrations of high magnitude.

They also claimed that they were asked to vacate their houses by the company during the blasting period in case their buildings collapse in the process, owing to vibrations.

The residents are also raising health concerns resulting from dust which they allege engulfs the whole community soon after each blast.

Elsewhere, Eiffel Flats private hospital alleges that rock fragments from the mining activities sometimes fly to the institution, in some instances damaging window panels.

A matron at the hospital, Sister Listen Mazendame said the noise from the mine blasts is unhealthy for many patients while the dust raised is affecting patients particularly those with asthma conditions.

The ZBC News is reliably informed that the company negotiated with individual families to relocate at an agreed compensation fee but the community is querying why the negotiations were not adopted prior to resumption of mining operations.

Contacted for comment, RioZim Corporate Affairs Executive, Mr Wilson Gwatiringa said contrary to the allegations by the residents, properties and inhabitants are very safe and there has been no such incidents as are alleged since April 2015.

In his written response, Mr Gwatiringa added that no occupants are asked to vacate their houses during blasting, adding that people who vacate buildings are mine employees whose offices and workshop building are within proximity of the blasting zone.

He also noted the dust generated by blasting does not engulf the community and environmental impact studies were done and shared with the community and authorities demonstrated it.