SEZ Authority board chairman Dr Gideon Gono stresses a point when the board met the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Industry and Commerce

The Special Economic Zones (SEZ) Authority board has appeared before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Foreign Affairs, Industry and Commerce this Tuesday (today).

No secretariat 8 months on, limited budget

 The chairman of the SEZ Authority board Dr Gideon Gono says the authority is currently operating in the dark as it does not have a particular ministry it falls under, does not have a secretariat and has limited budgetary allocation to run its mandate.

Dr Gono revealed that a chief executive officer and a secretariat to run the daily administration of the Special Economic Zones is yet to be appointed 8 months after the appointment of the board on a 3-year term.

The former RBZ Governor says in December last year, the board was allocated a 10th of their requirements.

He noted that the Special Economic Zones when fully operational will deal with the liquidity crunch and also contribute US$10 billion worth of investments.

Instrumental in ZISCO deal

Dr Gono, however, said despite these setbacks, the board has been instrumental in the US$1.2 billion ZISCO rehabilitation deal.