President Mnangagwa is welcomed at Conakry Gbessia International Airport by his Guinean counterpart, President Alpha Conde [left]

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has arrived in Conakry, Guinea for a 2-day state visit meant to consolidate African support for Zimbabwe’s re-engagement agenda.

He was welcomed at Conakry Gbessia International Airport by his Guinean counterpart, President Alpha Conde.

Speaking to Zimbabwean journalists in Guinea, the Deputy Chief Secretary – Presidential Communications, Mr George Charamba said the President’s state visit is at the invitation of President Conde and the two countries are expected to strengthen relations in all spheres.

“This is essentially a diplomatic and political visit. It is part of our way of consolidating African support to make sure that all the regions are solidly behind Zimbabwe on re-engagement and anti-sanctions stance. We believe that one is more effective when their neighbourhood adopt their own call. We consolidated SADC support already now we are trying to build that same support continentally,” he said.

Mr Charamba also said engagements with Guinea and the entire Francophone will help frame Zimbabwe to France.

“France is a key member of the EU, IMF is headed by a French, so we are consolidating our relation with Franco Africa. On another note, Guinea wants Zimbabwe’s assistance agriculturally. They want seed from Zimbabwe so we are hoping that we can open markets for Zimbabwean seed here and expand continentally,” he added.

Upon arrival, President Mnangagwa received a 21-gun salute which is the highest honour accorded to heads of state.

The two Heads of State then proceeded to the dias for the national anthems of the two countries.

President Mnangagwa then proceeded to inspect a guard of honour.

Thereafter, President Mnangagwa was introduced to government ministers who were part of the welcoming party.

Ambassador Chipo Zindoga who travelled ahead of the presidential delegation and some Zimbabwe embassy staff were also on hand at the airport to welcome the President.

The two heads of state then held a brief meeting at the airport before departure to the hotel.