The First Lady Amai Auxilia Mnangagwa has been elected vice president of the Organisation of African First Ladies for Development (OAFLAD).

The election of the First Lady is an indication of the trust and confidence bestowed on her in Africa.

Amai Mnangagwa will be deputising  the First Lady of Congo Brazzaville, Antoinette Sassou Nguesso.

In an interview soon after the elections, Amai Mnangagwa said this achievement is for Zimbabweans and applauded her partners for the continued support.

“I am happy to have been recognised this far. This was possible through support from all Zimbabweans. I will continue to work hard and encourage my fellow first ladies to champion humanitarian work especially targeting the vulnerable and also empowerment programmes,” she said.

This is the first time that Zimbabwe has landed this important post in the history of first ladies.

What is important in this development is that the SADC region will have a representative in the top leadership of OAFLAD.

After the expiration of the term of the new president, Zimbabwe will become the president of OAFLAD.

Amai Mnangagwa has made a huge impact since assuming Office of the First Lady.

She has visited the most marginalised communities in Zimbabwe and introduced a number of empowerment projects that include nutrition gardens, chicken projects, goat rearing projects, tourism mentorship programmes among others.

This is just but one of the many projects that have contributed to this latest recognition.

The OAFLAD broadened its mandate to include empowerment projects, HIV and AIDS and cancer awareness programmes.