child parlis.jpgThe newly elected Harare City Junior Council says it will work hard in revitalising the country’s cultural and moral values among the youths as a way of ensuring that they are not eroded by foreign values.

Newly elected Harare Junior Mayor, Maxwell Katunga, says the Junior Council will aim to provide among other things, scholarships, developmental programmes such as educational funding for the poor and the involvement of the youths in constructive activities in order to keep them away from engaging in anti-social activities.

“Our vision is to prepare today for a better tomorrow …to ensure that this organisation becomes the light in the darkened old of cultural and moral degradation. Get the youths out of the nightclubs, out of drug abuse, sexual activity and to a point where their involvement at an early
age can determine their life‘s direction.

Katunga, a student from Westridge High School was inaugurated as Harare’s Junior Mayor at Town House on Friday evening.


Speaking at the same occasion the Harare Mayor, Mr. Muchadeyi Masunda said the participation of young people in council activities accords them the necessary exposure for their careers and urged parents to offer necessary support.

“There is need for the full support for these children as they get the chance to expose them to operations of the department and then get career opportunities,” added Mayor Masunda.

The Junior Council Members are drawn from 35 schools around Harare.


Thobekile Mundwa from Dominican Convent is the Deputy Mayor while Tafadzwa Muzhongi from Westrigde Secondary is the new Junior Town Clerk.