rural soccer.jpgThe Mbare Under 10 Boys and Girls Football League got underway at the weekend as the Zimbabwe Junior Football League continues with its quest to identify and groom talent from grassroots.

The league is part of a comprehensive development programme put in place by the Zimbabwe Junior Football League.

Zimbabwe Junior Football League Mbare district board member, Henry Chakawa, said apart from grooming talent from a tender age, the league also plays a critical role in imparting important life skills to the aspiring football stars in various aspects of their lives.

“Mbare always churns out the best players in Zimbabwe so we want to start with the youths. Apart from soccer, we also teach them about peer education regarding HIV and AIDS. This we do together with Vision of Hope,” said Chakawa.

Zimbabwe Junior Football League chairman, Zivanai Chiyangwa said the junior programme is being run in conjunction with the City of Harare.

He said, “We’re running this programme in partnership with the City of Harare. We are grateful to them for providing uniforms and training facilities to ensure these young players reach their full potential.”

The Mbare District Under 10 League is made up of 16 boys and 16 girls’ teams.

The Zimbabwe Junior Football League is leaving no stone unturned in an endeavour to churn out talent from a tender age, which has seen Mbare being divided into six sub districts with each having 30 teams, 15 for boys and the same number for girls.