Chief magistrate, Mishrod Guvamombe has deplored corruption saying the practice should be nipped in the bud for effective justice delivery system in the country.

The justice delivery system in the country is being hampered by corrupt elements within the system whose underhand dealings behind the scenes are compromising the country’s integrity on the judicial arm of government.

Addressing delegates during the swearing in ceremony of a new magistrate, Miss Rachel Mukanga at the Bulawayo provincial magistrates, Mr Guvamombe said his department will take the necessary steps against corrupt elements.

“Our stance against corruption is well documented. Never be tempted to make corrupt decisions. Any magistrate who engages in corruption is not worth to be a judiciary officer. If you are caught, all the years of toiling at university will come to naught,” said Mr Guvamombe.

The law society will help government in the fight against corruption by continuing to deregister lawyers who engage in corrupt activities says a councillor of the organisation, Mr Godfrey Nyoni.

The swearing-in of Miss Mukanga brings to 194 the number of magistrates country wide against the 250 needed for effective justice delivery in the country.