The subject of infertility in African societies has been given a human face in a society where women are usually blamed for the lack of off-springs, which leads to the breakdown of marriages.

Mr and Mrs Sanodi have been married for 44 years.

The couple has managed to withstand countless internal and external pressures in their marriage as a result of infertility.

How the couple has managed to keep their marriage intact is a unique story that can only be explained better by the two.

“We have been married for 44 years and there were a lot of relatives who were against our union as a result of infertility. My husband was always on my side. It was difficult, but here we are still together and going,” said Mrs Sanodi.

The story highlights some of the challenges that married couples who fail to bear off springs face in the context of an African society.

It is against this background that the Angel of Hope Foundation partnered the Merck Foundation in empowering journalists to fight this stigma at a workshop being held in Harare.

“Journalist are critical partners in championing the fight stigma associated with infertility. Take a lead in reporting on infertility and it is the reason we have decided to train journalist on this subject,” said First Lady, Amai Mnangagwa.

Presenters at the workshop also agreed that infertility is an area that has not received fair coverage.

Journalists who attended the media training say they have been empowered.

Despite scientific evidence that both women and men can suffer from infertility, society has somehow conveniently put the blame on women.