happison muchechetere 2 06-10-10.jpgZimbabwean journalists have castigated the United States and its Western allies for purporting to be champions of media freedom, whilst they are on the forefront of imposing sanctions on some journalists, barring them from doing their work in America and European   countries.

With the world having commemorated World Press Freedom day this Tuesday, journalists working for the public media have slammed the west for barring some reporters from practicing their profession in the west.

Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) Chief Executive Officer, Mr Happison Muchechetere, who is on the west’s sanctions list, said western nations are now abusing the concept of press freedom as they use it to terrorise governments that they believe do not follow their policies and also penalise those journalists who want to fight for their country’s freedom and sovereignty.

“Press freedom is not press anarchy, journalists should do their job without being perturbed,” he said.

Sunday Mail Assistant Editor, Munyaradzi Huni, who is also under sanctions, said media freedom has since lost its meaning to journalists working under sanctions.

“We are forced to say good things about the western nations yet on the contrary, they attack other nations,” said Huni.

ZBC News Diplomatic Correspondent, Judith Makwanya said press freedom does not exist if the media is now used to instigate the overthrow of some governments, and journalists working for the public media are barred from practicing their work in other countries.

“We are not allowed to carry out our duties in other nations because of sanctions. So you can not say this is media freedom,” she said.

Other journalists who spoke on the issue said media freedom is now a tool that was crafted to terrorise African nations by developed nations.

There were also calls from analysts for Zimbabwe to bar western journalists from practicing in Zimbabwe as retaliation for the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwean journalists.