Authorities at the Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport have finalised an emergency plan to deal with any unexpected incidents pertaining to the safety of persons and property.

An Airport Emergency Plan (AEP) deals with managing accidents or incidents on location, with stakeholders ranging from the fire brigade, ambulance, medical services and police who are informed and trained on their roles if ever an accident occurs.

Joshua Nkomo International Airport Manager, Mr Passmore Dewa unpacked the importance of the exercise that will ensure everyone who passes through the airport is safe from any unexpected mishap.

Among the stakeholders involved in the exercise were the EMRAS ambulance, where its manager, Paul Tafirei extensively emphasised the necessity to review such exercises periodically.

While to date, the country is yet to record any major incidents at its ports of entry, there is concurrence that prior planning is a necessity always, as accidents happen when least expected.