johanne  marange.jpgThere are fears of a health hazard at a Johane Marange church makeshift hospital situated near Showgrounds Shopping Centre in Domboshava which houses scores of patients in tents with no proper sanitation facilities.


The improvised spiritual hospital uses tents as wards and its ablution facilities do not match the number of patients accommodated at the institution.

The patients admitted to the institution get drinking water from an open well.

When ZBC News visited the makeshift hospital in Domboshava, its owner, identified as Prophet Nyaya, was said to be away on business.

Some of the patients who spoke to ZBC News said they have enough confidence in the establishment’s way of doing things saying they have managed to overcome different ailments through the healing powers of the prophet.

Efforts to get a comment from health inspectors in the area were fruitless as the nearest institution was closed.