prisoner.jpgHarare regional magistrate, Mr. William Bhila has sentenced two armed robbers to a 32-year jail term each.

Eddie Chirwa and Richard Zimba, both of Dzivarasekwa in Harare, pleaded guilty to five counts of armed robbery.

Magistrate Bhila however suspended ten years for five years.

Chirwa and Zimba will serve an effective 22years each behind bars.

The two were charged together with Tirivangani Kamudyariwa, a police officer, and Samson Chigwende, a member of the police constabulary.

Kamudyariwa and Chigwende are denying the charges.

It is the state case that the four connived and hatched a plan to commit armed robbery targeting elderly people.

It is further understood that Kamudyariwa and Chigwende provided army camouflage uniforms and an air gun among other things to commit the offences.