herbet dube.jpgBy Herbert Dube



While many people have been worried about the best way to tackle the issue of homosexuality in the new constitution, I have gone a few steps ahead in trying to figure out the consequences of making it illegal.

I am one of those people who strongly condemn the incorporation of gay rights into the new constitution based on my religious and moral beliefs and would never want to see a gay couple walking the streets.

I guess I am one of those who will run to the streets to celebrate the day a new constitution will come out with a clause that allows  the law to pounce on those who are caught doing the dreadful act.

But the greatest question at the end of the day is if it becomes a crime it then warrants a penalty. Would a jail sentence be feasible?

The option of a jail sentence would pause new problems for our correctional facilities.

Jailing a convicted homosexual in a cell full of other male inmates would be the last thing our lawmakers would want to do. It would not be different from catching a child stealing candy in a shop and then lock him up in the same shop as punishment for his crime.

These are individuals whose unusual sexual orientation is inclined towards other men and if they find themselves in the company of the same man they lust after in an environment dominated by males whose movement is limited one can only wonder what our jails will be turned onto.

If the law overlooks this aspect it would be a common sight in our papers to see headlines like, ’Jailed homosexual laughs all the way to jail’, ‘Gays hail magistrate for lengthy sentence’ or ‘Sexual abuse cases in jail on the rise.’

The passing of a law banning homosexuality would need to be complemented by the construction of a new jail facility where individuals are held in isolation. No way in this country would we have those perverts sharing cells with other men as they are capable of violating the rights of other inmates. They are also capable of corrupting the minds of those they interact with.

My suggestion would be to exile offenders to countries like South Africa where they can be placed in gay refugee camps complete with an ordained gay pastor who will join them in some form of matrimony and they will live away from Zimbabwe ever after.

Anywhere else but not in this country.