sijabuliso ndlovu.jpgBy Sijabuliso Ndhlovu

Many believe this is the time that Jesus Christ of Nazareth was born. Christian denominations however have never agreed on this subject.

Weather they agree or not, is not the focus of this article. The fact is that some call it the time for giving and for some of us, we have begun receiving presents from loving friends and relatives. It is Christmas season once again.

It’s that time of the year again, the time when everyone wants to visit their relatives in the rural areas in various parts of the country.

For those of us who come mainly from Matabeleland, this is the time to paint our homes red with Injiva, our brothers and sisters from down South. However, those that can afford use this season to take their families out for holiday treats in the country’s renowned resorts. Christian Youth camps are popular at this time of the year. Not to mention parties.

The mean become generous. The generous become even more generous, at least for this time. However, the Bible calls on us to be kind to one another not for a season but all the time.

Let us not even wait for Christmas to give, I believe we should give as the need arises and not necessarily wait for the festive season.

While it is appreciated that the less fortunate are remembered at this time, it is unfortunate that they receive more than they need at this time and come January they will be back to their old life style, struggling for the rest of the year. This is worse in cases where they are given food which includes perishables.

It is also unfortunate that this is the time when many lives are lost and many are severely injured, while some become disabled. It all starts from beer drinking. While it is wonderful to be reunited with our relatives that we have not seen for months or years, let not alcohol take over and control us.

Yes it is a fact that people will always drink whether we like it or not but when people drink and drive, it becomes something else.

Many lives are put at risk and those that are fortunate go and come back from the holidays in one piece, but some end up running up and down hospital wards trying to seek treatment for their loved ones who would have been involved in accidents.

Those that are in worse off situations will be running up and down the funeral parlours making burial arrangements, while some will be having a wonderful time with their families.

I noticed recently especially along the main highways that accidents seem to be on the rise with most of them involving haulage trucks to and from neighbouring countries.

For some reason, everyone seems to be in a rush and become so impatient that many road traffic regulations are ignored. This is usually the case with business people, especially commuter omnibus drivers. Money seems to take priority over human lives.

Even at night, people never want to dim their lights. For those planning to visit Hwange and Victoria Falls do not get carried away because you will hit elephants in our wildlife rich province and it is highly unlikely that you will come out alive.

Avoid driving at night at all costs, especially between Hwange and Victoria Falls. Those that are linked with me on Facebook have been terribly shocked upon seeing messages that a lion crossed in front of our car. Yes, you got me right, a lion, the King of the Jungle. This has happened more than once by the way.

It is also important to take into consideration the fact that most of our roads are not in the best condition and partly force drivers to reduce speed but some overlook this aspect.

Road blocks are already a common feature in most of the highways, with traffic police ready to deal with cases of over speeding drivers and other traffic related crimes.

We recently saw Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe officers distributing brochures along Bulawayo- Nkayi as well as Bulawayo- Victoria Falls highway as a way of raising public awareness on the dangers of breaking traffic regulations, especially during the festive season.

We all want to live to see the coming year and work towards achieving our personal goals.

One way or the other we can all be responsible, drive safely, avoid drinking and driving and observe road traffic regulations.

We wish you a pleasant Christmas holiday and look forward to seeing you in the New Year. 

God bless you!!!!!!!!