back to shool 3 06.09.10.jpgSchools open for the third term tomorrow with most students in examination classes expressing optimism ahead of upcoming examinations.


It was a hive of activity in the capital on Monday as many school pupils headed to their respective schools for the last term of the year.


Many boarders could be seen waiting for buses to ferry them to their respective schools at their usual pickup points.


Most scholars in exam classes have expressed optimism of doing well in the November public examinations following the resumption of lessons and the improvement in service delivery by teachers.


“We are prepared for the exams because we had teachers, we will make it because teachers have been excellent,” said one pupil.


However, the average parent is crying foul over the issue of fees and levies which remain high compared to their monthly salaries.


Despite this problem, parents expressed confidence in the education system and urged students to work hard for good results.


“The school fees are too high, they do not tally with the salaries that most of us are getting.


“Children should know that we as parents have sacrificed the little money that we have to send them to school,” one parent said.


The education sector faced a number of challenges in the last few years due to sanctions.


However there has been an improvement in the quality of education after government adopted the use of multicurrency and payment of teachers’ salaries in US dollars.


 The government also approved incentive to retain teachers who had resorted to abandoning classes.