back to school 10-01-11.jpgIt was a hive of activity in the capital at boarding schools pick-up points as students made their way back to school for the third term.

It’s the third and final term on the school calendar and parents and their children were everywhere trying to do their last day shopping.

Students were eager to go back to school after a seemingly eventful holiday.

Parents who were accompanying their children expressed satisfaction with their children’s education saying there is a vast improvement compared to the 2008 era.

However, commuter omnibus operators were at it once again posing danger to children’s lives as they overloaded their vehicles.
Surprisingly, some parents appear to be content.

With the month of August alone having seen more than 60 people dying in road accidents, police have been blamed for not enforcing laws.

However, police say there is no legislation which specifically deals with issues such as fares and loading luggage on some type of vehicles.