In accident3.jpgZimbabwe, the month of August is now a dreaded period as it has become synonymous with fatal road accidents. Many theories have been advanced in an attempt to explain the reason.

There are some who believe that road traffic accidents are unavoidable. The statement “Accidents do not just happen, they are caused” always creates debate. Many theories ranging from spiritual matters, state of the road and corruption by law enforcement forces have been raised.

A road expert with the Harare City Council, Engineer George Munyonga, said statistics available to date indicate that most of the road traffic accidents involve public transport, adding that the trend shows that there is need for a complete overhaul of the system.

“Between January and September last year, at least 14 538 accidents which claimed nearly 1187 people were recorded in the country. More than 8 600 people were injured during that period. In 2009 over the same period 21 440 accidents took place.


However, the month of August always witnesses a sharp rise in traffic accidents,” said Engineer Munyonga.

What has not been adequately explained is why in Zimbabwe most fatal accidents occur during the month of August?  Some say the hand of dark forces is at play claiming the month is now associated with Satanism.

A traditional healer, Sekuru Kenneth Kachuruka, could not deny or confirm that there is a second force behind the accidents but added that as a nation there is need to carry out cleansing or thanksgiving ceremonies.

Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe Chief Executive, Mr. Obio Chinyere however, is of the opinion that self policing and a complete change of attitude for both drivers and passengers is need if the country is to see a reduction in accidents.

This August has already seen two horrific accidents which have claimed over 30 lives. What is frightening is that the accidents have occurred well before the holidays, a period when most people travel.


Even the 1991 Nyanga Bus disaster which is the worst ever traffic accident recorded in the country occurred in August. So the question is there anything wrong with the month of August.