unilever.jpgThe Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Management has named industries that are on the fore front of polluting the city’s water sources.

The heap of waste left over from fertiliser products provides a good example of pollutants which affect the environment and will eventually find themselves in the city’s source of drinking water.

In a no holds barred name and shame, Environment and Natural Resources Management Minister, Cde Francis Nhema said among the industries which are responsible for polluting the city’s rivers and lakes are Zimphos, Delta, Chloride Zimbabwe, Unilever, Coca-cola and Irvines among others.

He said these companies have since been issued with tickets by the Environmental Management Agency (EMA).

Some of the companies such as Zimphos are said to be discharging industrial waste direct to the environment while others are said to be discharging their toxic waste through the city council sewer system.

Cde Nhema said Zimbabwe’s laws clearly state that the polluter has to pay for the clean-up and damages to the affected communities.

He castigated local authorities for failing to monitor the quality of effluent being discharged into the sewer by companies as they are supposed to do so by law.

Harare Mayor, Mr Muchadeyi Masunda said the level to which the problem has reached should be dealt with at political level.

A number of companies have been issued with tickets and a penalty of up to level 14, which is about US$5000.

However, environmentalists believe such fines are too little, a situation that will make it difficult for environmentalists to win the war against environmental pollution.