An Iranian delegation of tour operators and journalists is in the country for a fact finding mission and familiarisation tour that is likely going to see more people from that country visiting Zimbabwe.

Results of the 2010 Sanganai-Hlanganani Tourism Expo are beginning to be seen as some of the participants are now back in the country to gather more facts about Zimbabwe.

Head of the delegation, Ms Nayerehsadat Assal Hosseini said the tour operators and journalists want to have an understanding of Zimbabwe tourism sites and lure Iranians to come to the country.

Hosseini ran advertorial articles in the Tehran Times, showcasing the country’s wonders and beauty

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) head of Africa and the middle east, Mr Jeffreys Manjengwa said the group is in Zimbabwe as part of ZTA perception management programmes aimed at counter acting the negative publicity the country is receiving from western media.

Since the agrarian reform a decade ago, Zimbabwe has been under a barrage of negative publicity from the country’s traditional tourism markets such as the United States, Britain and other European Union countries, which issued travel warnings to their citizens to dissuade them from visiting Zimbabwe.