diplomats13.jpgThe visiting Iranian business delegation says it is committed to partnering Zimbabwe in introducing advanced agricultural machinery and equippment  to improve productivity.


The business delegation from Iran says they are impressed with progress made by Zimbabwe in the Agricultural sector. A member of the delegation, Mr. Allahyar Barari, says they will work closely with their Zimbabwean counterparts in order to introduce modern technology in the country’s agricultural sector in order to boost output.


He said this after touring a poultry project at Chester Farm in Seke.


Mr. Takalindisa Nleya, whose farm was visited by the Iranians, expressed hope that the partnership will boost the country’s agricultural mechanisation programme which has been hampered by the illegal sanctions imposed on the country


The visit by the Iranian delegation is in line with the Memorandum of Understanding signed last year between the Zimbabwean government and the Iranian business community to find areas of co-operation.


Both countries are under illegal sanctions from Western counties for trying to empower their own citizens.