iranian ambassador.jpgIran has stepped up investment efforts in various sectors of the local economy in recent months, a move set to enhance skills transfer between the two countries.

Co-operation between Zimbabwe and Iran is on the rise with Iranians setting up a detergent manufacturing plant and paint making factory in the past 3 months.


The previously imported products had a low profile on the market, but the Iranians established a plant after noticing sizeable demand on the market.


Zim-Iran Investments, a joint fertilizer making firm between Zimbabwe and Iran is also planning to supply bio-fertilizers to the country.


Iranian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr. Mohammed Pournajaf who toured the Iranian stand at the ongoing Harare Agricultural Show said all the business ventures are aimed at fulfilling the technology transfer which the Iranians pledged to the country.


“This is the technology transfer we promised when we met the President. Soon we will be supplying bio fertilizer which is different form the conventional chemical or organic fertilizer.


 “100 grams is enough for 1 acre….its not just a matter of selling but this comes through joint efforts,”said Mr. Pournajaf.


Zimbabwe Agriculture Society Deputy President of the Executive Committee Mr. Chris Looker who was also present during the tour hailed the innovations exhibited by the Iranians as they stand to benefit local industry. 


The bio -fertilizer which is different from common chemical and organic fertilizer is said to produce high yields with 100 grammes being able to cover a hectare.


 Zimbabwe and Iran have other joint ventures including the Zim-Iran tractor manufacturing project which begun operating earlier this year and Modzone textiles manufacturing plant.