Stories of stranger than fiction continue to hog today’s world with people in Buhera witnessing the latest bizarre where a family is consistently being attacked by stones whose origins cannot be established.

This may sound gibberish but it really is a tragedy.

The Manjengwa family has been left homeless after deserting their residence as invisible attackers barrage their homestead with hot stones.

Water buckets have been destroyed, pots damaged, roofs cracked and kitchen shelves broken.

All these tell the damage being inflicted by the so called ‘hot stones’ and the invisible throwers.

Scars of burns are equally visible on almost every family member and the narrations are chilling.

What worries many is the sizes of the stones which are big enough that one cannot miss being able to see their throwers.

Even the community leader the headman expressed his concern over this unscientific occurrence.

While the stones were never thrown during filming by this news crew one wonders whether when we lose ourselves in fear and despair, in hopelessness and tragedy the minds begin to tell its own story.