Binga’s tourism industry is bullish of the continued rebound of the sector on the back of renewed investor interests and improved tourist traffic, with calls for aggressive marketing of the destination and upgrading of key enablers to unlock the potential of the resort area.

The existence of Lake Kariba has resulted in the growth of the fishing industry and subsequently the tourism business.

Regarded as a tourism sleeping giant, Binga is on a journey to reclaim its position as one of the much sought after tourism destinations in the country and perhaps in the region.

The recent surge in room occupancy, tourist arrivals and inquiries by potential investors has excited the tourism industry and the local authority.

“We are witnessing renewed interest by local and international investors in our destination. As an authority, we are doing everything we can to facilitate the investments, which are critical in the revival of the tourism industry,” Binga Rural District Council (RDC)’s Project Officer, Mr Benjamin Utete said.

According to Binga RDC’s Agriculture Officer, Mr Sam Mwiinde, two local firms are in the process of setting up multi-million-dollar tourism properties with the potential to change the face of the resort area.

Lake View Inn Director, Terry Leach said the rebound of the tourism sector is encouraging and highlighted the need for increased investments and aggressive marketing of the destination.

“We are witnessing a commendable performance by the destination in terms of tourists’ traffic and investments. We need to continue with aggressive marketing in order to unlock the potential of the destination,” said Leach.

The Binga RDC, which is considering applying for a town status, is also optimistic that the designation of the area, as a special economic zone, will go a long way in unlocking the potential of the area as an attractive tourism destination.