The anticipated good harvests for the 2016/ 2017 summer cropping season have seen government and the private sector focusing on the need to maintain adequate grain reserves.

Massive investments in the grain storage facilities, continuous  monitoring and maintaining of silos, adequate mobilisation of capital and replacement of old equipment is key to achieve food security in Zimbabwe.

The grain storage value chain is critical in facilitating the needs of industry and commerce while providing assurance to agro-processing companies of adequate inputs.

While the government is projecting a good harvest  for the 2016/17 summer cropping season, Zimbabwe Farmers Union director Mr Paul Zacharia says adequate mobilization of capital for maintenance and repair of existing storage facilities is needed to sustain food reserves in the future.

But taking into account the budgetary constraints affecting  treasury, the need for private sector players to work with state related authorities in regular monitoring, inspection of silos and  procurement of new components of the facilities is needed to complement the anticipated gains for the current cropping season, says former CBZ Holdings chairman Mr Luxon Zembe.

Taking into consideration the fact that grain deliveries also include several logistical factors, a local businessman Mr Shepherd Kembo says focus should now be on the need to rehabilitate infrastructure including roads and railways.

Expectations are therefore high that despite challenges affecting the economy, government, the private sector and agro-processing companies will come up with a model to boost grain reserves that are important in sustaining the needs of industry and commerce.