wayne-bvudzijena.jpgPolice say investigations to ascertain the cause of death of Commander of Commanders, Retired General Solomon Mujuru are progressing with various experts having submitted their findings.


Police have confirmed that experts roped in to assist have submitted their statements.

Police Chief Spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Wayne Bvudzijena said pathologists, forensic scientists and engineers from ZESA have already recorded statements.


“As police, we are still investigating the death of Retired General Mujuru. Our forensic scientists, pathologists and others responsible for investigations have visited the place, but I can’t disclose how far excatly we have gone with the investigations…..responsible authorities will do that.


“If there is anyone who thinks he/she has some information that can help in our investigations, they should come forward to our police stations,” said Senior Ass Comm Bvudzijena.

Senior Assistant Commissioner Bvudzijena said the police have channelled all critical resources to enable meticulous investigations on the matter.

Retired General Mujuru died in an inferno at his farm house on Tuesday last week and was laid to rest at the National Shrine on Saturday.