Resourcing the Forensic Department of the Zimbabwe Republic Police has been cited as key in the investigation of crimes as well as providing conclusive evidence for prosecution.

The official opening of the legal year for Mutare circuit court saw judge of the High Court of Zimbabwe, Mr Joseph Musakwa calling for investment in forensic science by law enforcement agents to quickly bring criminals to book.

Mr Musakwa noted that as a result of not employing forensic science, a number of crimes may go undetected as evidence gathered may be prove inconclusive in a court of law.

The backlog of cases at Mutare High Court stands at 63 with some dating back to 2003 as a result of accused persons being unaccounted for.

The completion of a court complex, expected in the first quarter of the year, as well as the deployment of judges will also see the city of Mutare being the next to host the High Court on a permanent basis.