farming in zimbabwe.jpgThe Zimbabwe Farmers Union (ZFU) has urged government to introduce a pre-planting price for crops in order to help farmers make informed decisions on cash crops they want plant.


ZFU Executive Director, Paul Zakariya, says there is need for government to hold consultative meetings with all stakeholders in the farming industry to come up with a pre-planting price for cash crops.


“There is need to introduce a pre-planting policy so that farmers can carefully decide which crops they can plant and not plant. The pre-pricing season must include bankers, inputs suppliers and farmer representative organisations to help farmers make informed decisions as they invest a lot of capital,” he said.         


The absence of a clear policy on the pre-planting pricing system, has often caused a lot of tension between farmers and buyers over the actual price gazetted during the selling season.


Farmers have often been on the receiving end as they are forced to sell their produce at uncompetitive rates yet they would have invested heavily in the crops.


This year, there was a stand off between farmers and cotton buyers over cotton pricing.